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I always enjoy reading your posts. In the end of year tiredness, fatigue can cloud good years.

I echo many of the sentiments: wanting to give the kids a different experience, not wanting to stress grades, and so on. But I think even good years feel like balls were dropped while juggling.

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Adrian, I only know you, your students, and the struggles you have all faced from what you have written about. It seems that you have shared the best, and possibly the worst of yourself with your class this year. Same goes for them. In other words, you are all human. You set high standards for yourself and everyone else in your class community and expectations do not always come to fruition. What you, and your students have learned this year will affect you all in ways you aren't even aware of. Some of those kids may be 30 before they realise that fifth grade was a turning point for them, and some may never realise. That's ok though, because we can't make anyone else feel. We can only do. Take your own advice. Have a summer. Whether or not it's great is up to you and your choices. Being the fastidious, caring person you seem to be, I'm sure they'll be good choices.

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I really appreciate your help in reframing this school year! It is interesting to think that this year (both for me and my students) may be a turning point in our lives. I wonder how I will look back on this year in 10 years.

Thank you for reminding me to take my own advice. Here is to some much needed rest and recovery!

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