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Adrian; I love this advice and plan to share it with my 5th grader and her teacher.

If I could make one amendment, or addition it would be this:

Prioritize protected time for rest or to restore one’s self — time to imagine, for defused thinking, to connect with yourself and your community of loved ones — between bouts of hard work.

Why? Prioritizing rest and connection with self and others invites and inspires others to do the same especially moms, who already take on a significant work and home load, and we live in a world that respects and rewards the grind, but the cost of the grind on our mental, physical and spiritual being is burn out.

The time to connect to self 😌 is crucial if we want to leave the world better than we found it.

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Thank you for commenting! I wholeheartedly agree with your addition.

Have you read this article by John Spencer on teacher rest and recovery?


I find his continuum helpful as I get ready for summer break. I hope to prioritize rest and connection with myself and my family this summer.

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Great advice for all of us :)

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